Thursday, July 24, 2008

Le Green Machine

Found this gem on the Monday night road ride from Wheel Base in Frederick. Apparently, the Green Machine now comes with a real rubber front tire for traction. We used to add duct tape "treads" to our plastic front wheel for increased speed. Today's kids don't know how good they have it.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sunday, July 06, 2008

10,000 Fun!

With no real plans for yesterday, we headed down to DC to see what was happening. Most of all we wanted to go to the National Museum of American History to see some machines. After commenting on how far back Bush has pushed the White House security perimeter during his tenure, we found that the American History museum is closed for renovations until September. The place did look a little dated last time I was there. Fonzi's jacket doesn't have the allure that it once did.
We parked in front of the National Museum of Natural History headed out on the Mall. Where the boys found the moon.
To say that there were some festivities would be a gross understatement. There were acres and acres of interactive tents, displays, food, games, educational workshops, concerts, and demos. There was the nation of Bhutan, NASA, and the state of Texas. Not sure what these three have in common, but they were the three featured. Each one had at least a dozen tents over several acres that showcased their missions, life, history, food - you name it. Henry drove a pedal-powered moon rover, we saw monks making incense, watched NASA scientists explain the projects they are working on. Actual NASA and JPL PhD's chilling with the kids. They were suprisingly funny and entertaining in addition to smart. Thomas found a carousel on the way out of the Smithsonian "castle", so we grabbed Henry and went for a spin.
We did a quick spin through the Natural History museum which is largely science-oriented. I couldn't help but wonder how the 50%+ of Americans who believe the earth was created in 7 days reconcile the strong influence of science and evolution. My guess is they don't. Fossils, petrified wood, genetics, dinosaurs, natural selection are on display. It is hard to dispute reality when it is right in front of you labeled with a sign that says: "please touch".
We grabbed an early dinner at the fabulous Thai Tanic (1326 14th St. NW). Even kids like Thai.
BTW Thomas chose the name for this post, 10,000 fun, when prompted to describe yesterday - DC is great!