Sunday, April 25, 2010

Frederick's Friday From Fifth @ Five

We are stretching these rides out these days and should hit 50 by the end of May.
The track on the left was a 6 hour 34 mile mtb ride the one on the right a 2 hour 40 mile road ride.
Last Friday we hit 40 miles on a route that included the beautiful Legore Bridge and were back long before dark.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lime Kiln with the boys

We visited a local Frederick County park today, here is Alex crawling around in an old rusty stone sorter:

Tony's everything but the kitchen sink ride

(l to r: Batbayar, Tony, Jimmy, Joey, Dylan)
A very strong group of six headed out from Hamburg Road parking area at 10 this past Sunday.  Tony wanted to go big in Frederick and this was the result. 
That is alot of miles (33+), alot of hours (6+), alot of singletrack.
We went South to the very edge of Gambrill State Park via Blue through the Valley of Death, Yellow with Stegasaurus, Black with the Steps, Red all the way down, and back on Yellow, Lawnmower, Blue, Rusted Bug, and Busted Knuckles.  We enjoyed a brief halftime back at the cars as we refueled and refilled our water supplies.  Then we turned North on Blue, Enchanted Forest, Blue, Delauter, Golf Ball, New Blue, Cutoff, Iceberg, F2, Viper, Salamander, Skink, Sand Flats, Golf Ball, Delauter, Blue, Freeride, and the long slog back up Buck Flats to Hamburg Rd.  Where Tony had some homemade IS and Joey had a Banh mi w/ hot peppers waiting for each of us (a tasty Vietnamese sandwich).

Great time with a solid bunch of riders - only two flats, no mechanicals, and no injuries.