Saturday, September 25, 2010

New SS 29'er

Warranty replacement compliments of Specialized it looks like they made several signifcicant improvements with tube shaping, flawless welds, shorter chainstays, EBB, longer TT, and more rear tire clearance (+1/4").

It's light too - me likey.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Anna Michener Cabin Weekend

(l to r) Larry, Oliver, Thomas, Henry
Thomas, Henry, and I went to stay at a cabin in PA’s Michaux State Forest this past weekend. Really nice cabin with no electricity or running water about a mile from the nearest road (dirt).
(l tor) Henry, Frank, Tony, Me, Todd

The trip included five of my friends and their children.  We rode in on bikes, pulling trailers full of supplies.  Found the cabin well-provisioned and in great condition.  Split a ton of red oak, filling all the wood boxes, the tinder box, and overflowed a couple of nice stacks out front. 

Saturday, we hiked to Lewis Rocks so the kids could do some bouldering and returned early enough to cook a fantastic steak dinner complete with asparagus, broccoli, rice, bread and a Super-Tuscan.

The kids played non-stop:  building forts, catching toads, burning sticks, making maps, sneaking up on us.

Sunday morning we awoke to another sunny day and a warm breakfast of french toast, pancakes, oranges, strawberries, and coffee.

After breaking camp we went to Long Pine Reservoir to wade in the stream, take a hike, relax, etc.  Thomas, Henry, and I got a quick out and back mt bike ride in on Breast Trail.

More photos here courtesy of Todd:

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Civil War Century

Rode the 2010 Civil War Century on 9/11 with Chris from Frederick, Mark and Joanne from Pittsburgh.  Great route with a fair amount of climbing, nice roads, and perfect temps.  We all agreed that the CWC participants (over 1600) on average had the nicest bikes and best handling skills we have ever seen on a century ride.  The course, with all of its climbing, must serve as a selection tool.

We ran into a bunch of friends, regrouped at rest stops, had a blast pacelining, climbing, etc.
Afterwards, we all took naps and then had a snack at Acacia in downtown Frederick.