Sunday, February 27, 2011

Family Fun Day

We hiked a trail on private land that at friend told me about last year and what a cool scene!
Henry stockpiling sticks for some fort-building
Michele in a room with a view
The beginning of the fort
Hiking back

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tons O' Riding

This past weekend was the winter-motherlode of riding.

Friday was Frederick's first friday from fifth ride featuring 10 raging road riders ready to ride in the high 60's with sun - it was fun.  Followed by the first Elm Street porch party of the year.

Saturday friends, much smarter than I, pulled me away from a road ride in winds that were high down to Elizabeth Furnace in the GW for a mountain bike ride.
Sunday morning we had a birthday party in Gaithersburg with friends, a trail hike in the Shed with more friends, and then more fun with the boys at home.

Monday morning was a Shed ride in the snow.  A classic technical test piece in challenging conditions.  My friends from Michaux and Rothrock came down to join the fun.  10 miles of super tough riding yielded much fun, albeit little sun.
 Tony on Double Stuff, F2 in the Shed