Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Riding Style

Quite a few of my non-cycling friends ask me "so what is it like when you clean a heinously technical rock garden sprinkled with baby-heads?" I can only respond that I ride like this guy dances:

Just ask my friends.

Monday, February 25, 2008

NOVA on everything with a smear

As late as Saturday evening the email, blogs, and phones were ringing with ride options. Sunday was to be nice, but where to go? which trails would be open? Michaux? The Shed? Gambrill? The Road? Mi Amigo, Lars, from Chambersburg knew of some NOVA folks who were hitting Gambrill at 10 and that did it for me - late start, close in, good folks, and I was in. A little coercion and both Lars and Martin agreed to swing down as well.At the start is was still cold and frosty - much more so than Ghana, host of the 2008 African Cup.
I think this is on the Rusty Bug trail.
Martin decides he has enough bridge and goes rogue.Carving the bridge.
Sportin the shower cap old school style.

Did some new stuff in Gambrill, had great trail conditions, great weather, great folks, and went up the the Burg to sign some docs with a realtor, paint my old kitchen, headed over to Lar's house to score a nice dinner and professional massage to boot.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Networking & Gambrill

There was a Frederick County Chamber of Commerce "networking" event at Musket Ridge Golf Club in Myersville last Wednesday from 4:30 to 6:30. The weather was bad so attendance was low (only 150 or so). It felt mildly uncomfortable, like a contrived dating event. The upside was I met some really nice folks, the food was good, and the Gambrill Night Ride was on my way back into town. My last "networking" experience of the evening was with two women recruiters who help employers find good job candidates. At first, when I told them I was riding, they thought I was joking. Then they said "is there a phone booth on the way where you change?" Here is a pic of my "phonebooth": The problem with the BMW is the seats don't slide back far enough to allow easy access to one's feet for shoe changes and neoprene bootie installation.

A half dozen hard-core folks showed up and were treated to some incredible conditions. Sure it was dark, cold, 3 inches of snow; however, we were treated to a lunar eclipse, squeaky snow with great traction, and absolutely no wind. Another stellar (no pun intended) night ride in the Gambrill State Park.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Saturday & Sunday

I wrapped up work Saturday around 1:30 in time to join Joe and Dave for Tour de Muddy Farm Roads - a 25 mile jaunt in NW Frederick Co. on some rarely-seen single lane gems. Joe had done some research and put a cue sheet together. There was hardly any traffic, plenty of climbing (often on a soft clay-like surface), sunshine, and great scenery.
Sunday, I met Martin at Caledonia to squeeze in a ride before the rain came. Still quite a bit of snow in Michaux and the trail was slippery. We climbed Secret and returned on same with the inclusion of Racoon Run.
Turns out Larry and Kim were having a Daytona 500 party so we ran over there for some refreshments and good company.
Friends from NOVA:
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