Monday, February 23, 2009


Tussey passed away yesterday and is at rest up in the Shed - where she loved to work and play.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lincoln 2 Lincoln - MetroDC Run

I had a day of continuing education training in Bowie yesterday and wanted to hit DC on the way home so I called Go Kart Mozart to see if he was available.

"Got a bike?" he asked. "No, but I have my running shoes" I replied. A couple of emails later and it was set - a Metro DC run from his home on Capitol Hill.

His home is the beige colored one. Like all Go Kart rides this one had a minor blip. He left his keys at work, so we were locked out of his house. After going through the garage and trying unsuccessfully to break in, he remembered that the neighbor may have keys - she did, and we were in.

A quick change and we were in full running regalia - me slightly overdressed for the close to 60 degree temps. Tony's plan was to do hill repeats at Capitol hill. I said I wanted to go by the White House to meet Obama and, after some prodding, we settled on a full-fledged tour of the Mall. We crossed the Mall near the Smithsonian Institution and ran into Ricky, JoJo, and some friends about to embark on an urban night ride. Ricky had a fixed gear bike he just built up and we all took a turn. I remarked that it looked like a clown bike and apparently this was solidified once I had my turn.

Funny how timing works out. The diversion with Ricky, et al slowed us down enough that as we were climbing the hill up to the Washington Monument we saw the President's helicopter drift by and come to an awkward landing on the White House lawn. We had the best view in the city and one minute later or a couple earlier we would have misssed the whole thing. What a feeling that must be as you sweep in past the monuments in the middle of the city and park it in the lawn (oh yeah, in secured airspace with combat heli escorts).

We made it to the Lincoln Memorial (which was hopping with people). Urban running is a blast, we tried some mild parcour moves, jumping steps, sprinting for green lights, etc. I was hurting a little on the final climb back up Capitol Hill and then Tony took me on a diversion to see Eastern Market, his rental property, and a great espresso bar. We stretched out in Lincoln Park (his neighborhood park) and headed back to his house.

His wife was wrapping up dinner and they kindly invited me to stay. After a nice meal, one Bell's Expedition stout, watching Lexi run the indoor obstacle course, and a stop at said espresso bar - I mainlined it back to Frederick. Easy peasy. (click on map for details)

Lincoln Park to Lincoln Memorial - 8.08 Miles. Definitely a keeper. This route ranks up there with the Philadelphia Art Museum/Kelly Drive "Rocky Run", Hill repeats in San Fransisco, South Beach/Ocean Drive (in the winter), Trail running in Marin County, CA, and that time I amost died running in Palm Springs, CA.