Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Ride

Thomas, Henry, Alex, and Michele treated me to a Father's Day bike ride at the C&O canal. We went from somebody's crossing to north of Point of Rocks - 12.36 mile ride at close to 6mph average speed.

Fun time and then off to Hood College pool to cool down afterwards.

Thomas and Henry's first off-road ride.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Business Trip

State Farm hosted a 2009 recognition event in Charlotte, NC that Thomas and I attended.
While I was looking at the venue online he asked if he could go.  Since I was able to take a guest, I checked with the executives and they said it would be fine so I booked another ticket.

The flight from BWI to Charlotte would be his first.  He was asking alot of questions about the noise at takeoff, but things were uneventful and the flight was a brief 55 minutes.

Landing was a tense time for him.  Especially when the pilot turns the engine on full blast to slow the plane.

The Ballantyne Resort and Spa is a suped-up regular hotel.  Nothing really special about the layout or architecture.  It looks like a Hampton Inn & Suites on steroids with a really nice golf course.   The staff was more attentive, the food better, and the bathrooms were a couple levels above featuring marble and two showers.
Upon arrival, Thomas and I checked-in to the room, did a "walkabout", and headed for the outdoor pool.

Wednesday night was a buffet-style dinner with the other agents and execs in the hotel.  It was supposed to be poolside outdoors, but a tropical storm hit pretty hard at 5pm so it was moved into a ballroom.  Thomas and I had an early night and retired to our room for some TV and talking.
Thursday was the meeting portion with a speaker and the awards presentation.  When I was called up for the photo opportunity, the VP (Brad) asked Thomas if he would like to come up too.  Hopefully, that picture turns out well.

After the meeting portion was over it was still a little misty outside so Thomas and I went to the fitness center and the indoor pools.  They had the indoor lap pools that have the strong current flow so you can swim in place so we gave them a shot (goggles required).  We ended up at the outdoor pool again after lunch and the sun came out.

Dinner was with my local Frederick agent group.  Brad, our VP, joined us for a nice family-style italian meal.  Brad has two daughters in Frederick and enjoyed talking to Thomas.  We got desert at the Cheesecake Factory which, if you don't already know, features dinosaur-sized portions.

Friday morning we had another nice breakfast and packed up for the return flight.  We did need to secure transportation to the airport.  The hotel's town car option wasn't too appealing at $66.  So we bummed a ride with Ken (another MD agent) and his wife.

The return flight had us back at BWI around 1pm.  Michele and the boys picked us up and we went to Whole Foods in Annapolis for lunch and then played at her parent's house for a few hours. 

My brother, Nabil, and sister, Daphne, picked me up around 4pm and we headed East to suprise my other sister, Sierra, with a beach weekend in OC.

The suprise was a success and she started to cry.  We had a nice couple of days together in the sun and sea.
Sunday, Daph, Nabil, and I went to Lewes for lunch and then to Cape Henlopen for a swim to honor our dad. 
Great week!