Monday, November 19, 2012

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Quebec Run - Aborted

My first trip to Quebec Run Wild Area in PA was an epic adventure.  I'd been wanting to ride here for years and a business trip to Nemacolin Woodlands landed me 9 miles away.  So despite the snow and winds of Superstorm Sandy - I decided to give it a go.
The lower parking lot was sunny, dry, and snow-free.
The trails were open, easy to follow, tight singletrack.
Four miles of steeplechasing over downed trees on nice singletrack.  Lots of Rhodos and Hemlocks similiar to Rothrock.
Turned onto Tebold Trail and began to climb through more downfall and after this bridge it got pretty ugly.  Up a shady hollow I found myself slogging through snow and climbing over very large downed White Pines. 

I was forced to bail out at the Skyline Drive parking area which was completely snowed in. 
A couple miles of paved road and then I finished on a several mile downhill on a very muddy Quebec Run road.
Jumped in the stream to rinse of and it actually felt warm since it was only 40 degrees outside.
From what I saw there is some great trail out there.  I only hit 8 of 18 miles so Quebec Run will be on my late spring 2013 todo list.

Until then, someone needs to get out there with a chainsaw (or two).