Saturday, October 21, 2006

Iron Cross IV

America's longest cyclo cross race continues to grow in popularity. Located in the Michaux State Forest of south-central Pennsylvania this race is part of a weekend of racing sponsored by Yellow Breeches Racing. On Saturday there was a traditional cyclo cross event featuring the "death spiral" (see videos below). This was my third time competing in the Iron Cross - missing only the inaugural event. My first year I went off course and added an extra climb and about 40 minutes to my time. Last year, I cramped severly and was able to limp in thanks to a friend, fast Albert, pumping me full of electrolyte capsules for the last two hours. This year my time was much improved and I suffered cramping much later in the race - losing less time and placing 36th overall. The weather was great. Clear and cold in the morning with sun and gradually warmer temperatures throughout the day. I saw many friends at the race: Fast Al from VA, Roger Massey from VA, Kerri Robbins from MD, Mark Dontigny from State College, Dave Gonder from World Cup Ski & Cycle as well as many MBMers and YBRers.

Some more Iron Cross stuff:

The Public Opinion posted the MBM team results (5th Place) in today’s Outdoor section (Saturday, October 21st). The team placers were: Sally McClain, Cathy Large, Sue Witter, Darius Mark and Chuck Buczeskie.

Complete results:

Other bloggers race comments:

From racer winner D. Winfield:

From 3rd place IC Liter M. Schwartz:

Videos by Dan Daly:

Photos of Iron Cross & IC Lite:

Official website:


MBM club ride tomorrow from Pine Grove Furnace lower lot @ 9am
MBM Blue Knob ride next Sunday @ 10am, leave Chambersburg at 8am


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