Saturday, February 03, 2007

Espresso Love

It has been a long time since the espresso has been flowing in the Mark home. My Expobar Office Pulser functioned perfectly for several years and then........ bam. I blew a pressure relief valve. We all know how clear hindsight it, right? Well before I was blessed with that form of vision I ripped her open and started poking around.

By the time I was done, I had damaged at least two parts. One, a hard to find, pressure-regulating diaphragm and the other a needle valve. My friend Chuck took the pressure diaphragm to his shop and crimped it back on. Kathy at tech support explained that I needed to descale the needle valve, reassemple, test, and retest until I have the pressure adjusted properly.

Turns out all I had to do in the very beginning was push a little red button to reset the boiler.

In the interim, approximately 12 months, Starbucks has been reaping the benefits of me not having a functional machine at home. Boy, are they going to miss me.

As of yesterday, I have the machine running perfectly again - churning out tasty machiattos, lattes, Americanos, etc. All's well that ends well.


cyclocrosser said...

hey D, new blog.
keep it real slim

Mahoba said...

Darius, where is the red reset button?

pabiker said...

On top of the boiler there are a couple of objects. On is a nut with a metal pin stickig out of it, one is an electric device with two wires going into it. Between those two wire is a tiny (pin sized) red button. Turn off your machine and press that button - it is the boiler reset button. It works like a fuse and "blows" when the boiler overheats. The boiler would only really overheat if it was left on empty or close to empty (that is what happened to mine). I can send you some schematics if this doesn't help.