Thursday, May 24, 2007

Grizvitational Day One

Twice a summer, once early and once late, my friend Rob aka Griz organizes a fantastic weekend of singletrack riding somewhere in Pennsylvania. Rob has literally written the book on mountian biking in Pennsylvania. The spring location is usually based out of Penn Roosevelt State Park in the Rothrock State Forest due east of State College. Rob and I both graduated from Penn State and spent a fair amount of time cutting our mt biking teeth on the Tuscurora sandstone that makes these trails so memorable. Penn Roosevelt is especially well-suited for a weekend mt. bike getaway because it allows you to ride the newer trails of the Cooper's Gap section and the Rothrock classics on the Tussey Mountain and Bear Meadows sections. Coopers Gap is unique in that all the trails were put in by talented trail-builder from Lewistown and designed specifically for mt. biking. The Rothrock Classics include one of the most technical trails of the east, John Wirt (Read: you don't want to do this one in the rain), and some newer lines and extensions of standard trails.

Day one was Coopers Gap:
From a group of satellites high above the earth the ride looks like this: From my garmin 305 it looked like this:
Total Time 5:08:05
Moving Time3:14:03
Distance (mi ) 24.08
Moving Speed (mph) 7.4 avg. 36.3 max.
Elevation Gain (ft) +3,889 / -3,940
Temperature (°F)
68.6°F avg.
69.8°F high
Wind Speed ( mph)
NW 14.9 avg.
NW 19.5 max.

Our motto is "safety first" and what a beautiful place to stop and check our helmets.
The trails were dry, fast, twisty, loaded with good flow and just enough rock to keep you honest. Dean and Rich climbing the stairway to heaven.
Pontzer riding the skinny
After 5 hours on the trail the Old Chub began to flow.

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