Sunday, July 22, 2007

5 Kings

A very nice 90 mile jaunt around Franklin, Cumberland, and Adams Counties that included five 900+ft climbs and grades over 20%.
Summary Data
Time: 5:20:09
Distance: 90.09
Moving Speed: 16.9 avg. 62.1 max.
Elevation Gain (ft): +8,160
Avg. Heart Rate
137 bpm Zone 3.4

Temperature (°F) 79.1°F avg.
Wind Speed: SE 8.9 avg. SE 11.5 max. Only one adjustment and no mechanicals.
Hills, hills, and more hills.
Chuck was losing some sodium chloride.

Ok. More than a little.
Joel back at the ranch 90+ miles later. Cathy Large joined us in Caledonia and rode over to the base of Timmons with us before peeling off to go to work. We ran into "Fast Eddie" from Carlisle as we began the climb up Timmons. On this ride I drank nine full bottles of water, peed only twice, and burned 7,243 calories.

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