Sunday, August 05, 2007

Kayaking 101

It was pushing 100 degrees when Martin suggested that I should take him kayaking "some day", my response was how about today? We had been planning a 3+ hour mt. bike ride and the idea of hanging out in water for a couple hours sounded great:Henry and Thomas were hip to the idea as well:
We rounded up the boys, dusted off the boats, and headed out to Long Pine Reservoir. I could scarcely remember how to tie two boats onto my car. I had the ropes, but the knowledge was rusty. As we left Starbucks and headed for the lake, William Nealey's Kayaking bible started to come back to me - slowly. The many trips to WV began to revisit me, the chasing flood stage creeks in PA, SC & WV began to seem familiar again - in a weird way.
Here is Martin with a near-perfect set-up for an Eskimo roll. Someone once told me that you could tell if someone was going to be a kayaker if, on their first roll attempt, they came up smiling. Martin was laughing.
and, ready to try again.

Thomas and Henry were modeling for some surfer kid magazine:Another great day - 364 to go!

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