Sunday, September 09, 2007

Chambersburg Friday Night Rides

The Chambersburg Friday night road rides are up and running again. They depart at 5pm and are open to all ability levels. There is the occasional sprint before a stop light or stop sign, but everyone regroups and rides as a group the rest of the time. This Friday was 36 miles. Big 'E' was up from Tennessee and he is always fun to ride with. We left town via Wilson College and a dirt road (all good road rides have a little dirt).
There was a good turnout: Joel, Big 'E', Cathy, Nadine, Chuck, Martin, Dan, Mike, and myself.We proceeded out to the Mongul Hill circuit on beautiful roads and little traffic.Nadine wonders where the hell we are going.
The climbers on the front.
Cathy, Mike, and Chuck as we head back in toward Chambersburg on Stonewall Road.
A cool bridge near the intersection of Stonewall and Maclays Mill Roads.
Martin is our "special" rider.
The ride broke up in the last ten or so miles. Dan and I were off the front, took a right onto Blind Lane, backtracking our way back to town, and climbed a short hill. At the top, we waited for the main group; but they never came. So we rode about halfway back down but couldn't see anyone. We waited some more and then figured they went straight over to rt. 11 (Chuck loves riding on rt. 11). We rode over there and waited a little more, but we had only enough daylight to get back, so we resigned ourselves to riding back without the main group.
Turns out that Nadine and Chuck bumped bars at the tight right-hander at the base of the Blind Lane climb. They were there, but Dan and I couldn't see them at the bottom of the hill - hence the name, Blind Lane. Nadine went down hard and was pretty shaken up. After a few minutes, she felt well enough to ride back to town, and did; but bad enough to go to the ER and get checked out, she did that as well.
See you next Friday.

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