Sunday, November 11, 2007


Sometimes you just know it's gonna be a good ride.

Even from the gut pile.

And it was - michaux stylie.
das route: middle narrows to lee's rocks to heaven or hell to lower narrows to black andes to oak/shelf to sawmill (recently clear cut) bail to oak road to gas line (hike-a-bike) to deer bone to sand road to hermit to charcoal hearth (lower hermit) to buckets to black andes to lower tv/cable line (short) to lower wayne's trail to turtle (up) to 4 logs (up&ouch) to firetower to crumble to the gut pile to the fat dogs and to the sea hags.

somehow if lee had taken care of saddham the first time around this ride might have been easier. there was snow, safety, big logs, and no mechanicals.

much planning was afoot regarding the buzzard rocks ride next weekend and something about "man camp"?

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