Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Boyz in the Shed

Found this critter on one of the trails.
Tussey enjoying her day in the forest.
After hiking 4 miles, we went to a creek to cool off and found some cool waterfall climbing.
Plenty of cool pools, waterspouts, and beautiful stones.
One cool kid!
My friend Larry came to visit from PA with three boys. Thomas and Henry were psyched.

Larry going for a refreshing dip.


Todd said...

Nice! What part of the shed is that? Looks like a good place after a hot summer ride.

riderx said...

That's Fishing Creek, near the bottom of Mountaindale Rd. shortly before it intersects Gambrill Park Rd.

gwadzilla said...

that water looks awesome!

in Fredneck?

I need to get up there with my boys

maybe a side trip to Cunningham Falls then hike into that little swimming hole