Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Alex likes espresso, especially before a big trip to DC.
Thomas at the Washington Monument.Henry looking up at the top.
We had another nice trip to DC. Some Greek food in Georgetown, parked near the White House, walked down to the Mall, visited the National Aquarium, the new Museum of American History, played frisbee on the Mall, raced to the Washington Monument, walked back to the car, drove to ThaiTanic on 14th for a great Thai dinner, then headed home. We didn't even leave Frederick til 1pm so it was a short trip, but the kids were tired.

Memorial Day:
Memorial Day picnic at a friend's farm near Thurmont, MD.
Henry launching balsa wood flier, he caught three fish in the pond (by himself).
Dinos in the grass.
After fishing, eating, frisbee, we found the gravel pile - what fun!

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Rebecca G said...

The family is beautiful--glad to see you all are well.