Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Sunday while Thomas and I were are out hiking in the Shed we come upon a single track of hoof prints on Viper. We were hiking up the trail toward Gambrill Park Road and the tracks were in the opposite direction toward Blue. The prints were surprisingly small. I was interested by these and what they meant so Thomas and I payed attention to them - studied them. A lone rider, on a small horse, going one direction with no turnaround. There were the usual rocks turned and deep holes were the soil was soft. I kept hoping that we would see prints in the other direction, a sign that the rider had been thwarted by the rock sections below and wouldn't be back. No such luck.

After taking turns calling out dozens of prints, Thomas turns to me and says "I think that someone was riding a horse back here because there is no way that a guy kept dropping his horsehoe on the ground this many times."

I had to agree.


camps said...

cool photo

Todd said...

After seeing equestrians on Short Mtn I no longer think rocks deter them. Nothing on Viper comes close to that terrain.

I agree with Camps, great photo.

riderx said...

Awesome quote from Thomas.

Todd is correct, there isn't a pile of rocks that will stop a determined equestrian.