Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stumpjumper Marathon 29'er SS

Built this up tonight, just in time for a the Sixth Annual Thanksgiving morning ride at Tussey Mountain in Rothrock State Forest near State College, PA.  Decidedly better built than the Gary Fishers, On-Ones, and the Salsas that recently preceded it (note the use of plural form) - we'll have to see how she rides. 

The Specialized features some nice tube-shaping, detailing, and perfect welds.

One seatstay goes all the way from the drops to the seattube thereby completely eliminating a weld and therefore a heat stress point.

The chainstays are over an inch shorter than the Salsa frames and it came with a large diameter Thomson setback seatpost.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

the rear tire looks like it's on backwards.
what's the zip tie for?

pabiker said...

Tire is on backwards for traction in the snow. Zip tie came stock from Specialized.

brett said...

i predict you'll break it. when do we start the death clock? is it aluminum?

have a good t-giving.

Todd said...

Looks great, congratulations. One question, is there any carbon on this one?

Hmmm, death clock. That's an interesting idea. In your case it should probably be a stop watch. ;)

pabiker said...

No carbon in the frame. It does have a warranty and I am using a front suspension fork so I'm hopeful.

Snallygaster said...

did you buy the frame or complete bike? I've been looking at these and didn't see one spec'd like this..

pabiker said...

frame only. built it up with parts from other bikes that I have destroyed.