Monday, September 20, 2010

Anna Michener Cabin Weekend

(l to r) Larry, Oliver, Thomas, Henry
Thomas, Henry, and I went to stay at a cabin in PA’s Michaux State Forest this past weekend. Really nice cabin with no electricity or running water about a mile from the nearest road (dirt).
(l tor) Henry, Frank, Tony, Me, Todd

The trip included five of my friends and their children.  We rode in on bikes, pulling trailers full of supplies.  Found the cabin well-provisioned and in great condition.  Split a ton of red oak, filling all the wood boxes, the tinder box, and overflowed a couple of nice stacks out front. 

Saturday, we hiked to Lewis Rocks so the kids could do some bouldering and returned early enough to cook a fantastic steak dinner complete with asparagus, broccoli, rice, bread and a Super-Tuscan.

The kids played non-stop:  building forts, catching toads, burning sticks, making maps, sneaking up on us.

Sunday morning we awoke to another sunny day and a warm breakfast of french toast, pancakes, oranges, strawberries, and coffee.

After breaking camp we went to Long Pine Reservoir to wade in the stream, take a hike, relax, etc.  Thomas, Henry, and I got a quick out and back mt bike ride in on Breast Trail.

More photos here courtesy of Todd:


Rob said...

damn fun it sounds like Darius!

I'm hoping to make an overnight trip in October to Raystown at some point.

pabiker said...

You'll have a great time.
Hit Boxer's in Huntingdon for great beer and eats when you are done. I recommend a stout, smoked Scottish salmon appetizer, and the fish & chips with malt vinegar and homemade tartar sauce.

Katherine Caiola said...

It looks like you had a great trip! A group of friends and I are staying here this weekend. What the hike in fairy easy/flat? We are trying to figure out the best way to get our supplies from the cars to the cabin!

Gorgeous photos!

PABIKER said...

Katherine there are two ways into the cabin. One is a wide even surface path that would be best to run supplies in on. The other is a proper hiking trail that is fun to explore. There is one hill involved on the wider path, downhill on the way in and uphill on the way out.
We rode bikes and pulled kid trailers full of gear/food.

Have fun.