Sunday, August 28, 2011

Virginia's Great Country Roads

We went for a drive today tracing some of yesterday’s 105 mile road ride route. Stopped at Philomont Country Store. Then took a tour of Oatlands Manor. It was Thomas, Henry, Carter, me, and four young women. The place is really nice and we had the best tour guide ever. She had the boys helping with the tour. Because of their good behavior they got to go around the ropes in the library and sit on the couches, hold Mr. Eustus’ racehorse hoof inkwells, and then after the tour was over she asked us to come back in 5 minutes. We came back and she showed us the basement, kitchen, and two cellar caves – “off the record”.

As we left, we saw the intro. talk for the second tour of the day, there were like 20 people and some crotchety old lady as the tour guide – we lucked out.

From there we drove to Middleburg, VA and hit the butcher shoppe for some local smoked ham and turkey which we made into sandwiches.

The road route is really amazing (kudos to Dkeg), I can’t wait to ride it again.

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