Monday, December 03, 2007

Connector Trail

Yesterday, with its overcast skies and occasional icy precipitation virtually screamed out "trail work day". A brief morning email exchange secured a couple of willing parties who rallied shortly thereafter at my house in order to carpool out to the forest. The goal was to dial in the top of Connector, do some maintenance on Abbey, and scout alternatives to the eroded fall-line section of lower Abigail. This is the section that goes down from the intersection to Long Pine Reservoir. Specifically, the fall-line section that used to have the water bars, but is now a gulley of increasingly poor soil conditions. You can tell it's bad because of the sand bar forming at the bottom right hand turn. It is in dire need of a couple of switchbacks with coweeta dips to replace the water bar section. Martin removing a Michaux punji stick. Leaving just a sweet line and nice log to ride over. It was in the upper twenties, but you hardly noticed. Little know fact: Larry uses poultry shears to mow his lawn. When the trail is cleared it sure looks good - can't wait to ride it.We think we found some alternatives for the short eroded section of Abbey, but since it is blazed trail, we want to run it by DCNR before cutting in a switchback or two.

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riderx said...

Nice. Thanks for the work. That's some sweet trail.