Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Touch of the Ultra-Violence

It was rainy this Sunday, Martin and I spun while watching 2007 Het Volk and then the Mark family put this together:


Anonymous said...

right right, dubie dup,

right way is best way, best go your own way and get a bit of spatzka.

kevinb said...

first of all, very nice work. BUT Im not sure who is sillier, me for taking the time to watch the whole thing or you guys to put as much time into it as it must have taken to do that nice a job. great start to the anima career, but I wouldn't quit the day job just yet

pabiker said...

the boys were into it. Ok i was having fun too. The pics are from my cellphone camera and the "photo shoot" took about a half an hour and then maybe two more to put it together.

we don't have any tvs in the house so that frees up some time to play.

2nd generation should be better - the boys have pirate ship coming for Christmas (sssshhh!).

J.D. said...

Good stuff! Been a while since I've biked much in PA, but thanks for the reminder. Stumbled across your blog and thought "Some bitch, I know that guy!" There is definitely some quality to be had back there! I guess you are not into kayaking to much these days?

pabiker said...

J.D. I was just trying to explain that year of wild kayaking to my wife. Going down the Yough with our eyes closed, running Dark Shade, Cucumber, etc. What fun. I don't boat my now, but still have the Overflow. I did get to run some nice stuff down south - creeking, Cartecay, Chatooga, Ocoee, etc. Shoot me your contact info. I am interested in Eagle River - I grew up in Chugiak.

J.D. said...

Those were some good times indeed! Shoot me an email jbatove at hotmail.