Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cunningham Falls Maple Sugar Festival et al

Adaptability was the theme for this weekend as kid fun, cycling, socializing, work, and enjoying the sunshine were all vying for priority in a seemingly short 48 hour period.......

Friday evening began with Frederick's Friday From Fifth at Five aptly dubbed the "Cluster F" by Jason Judd.  We had a nice jaunt up to Thurmont with a nice kicker on Powell Rd on the return trip.  That was followed up by a date with Michele.  We went to 2010 F3 Opener at Brewer's Alley to grab some tasty eats, meet with friends, and preview some of the films to be shown this coming weekend.
Saturday I had planned to do a 100 mile ride, The Rebel Yell, but woke up to find my wife sleeping on the bathroom floor because she had been sick all night.  Couldn't really check out for 6 hours and leave her alone with the boys.  So the boys and I went to Starbucks, cleaned the BMW, cleaned the fishtanks, washed bikes, went to my office and they cleaned the display windows with a squeegee while I got a couple of things done, we went back home and built a lego space station, and then had some really good Chinese food for dinner.

Sunday morning there was a road ride from my neighborhood at 8:30, but things hadn't improved much with Michele so I took the boys to the Cunningham Falls Maple Sugar Festival.  We arrived a little early so we took a hike around the lake, played with sticks, and threw some rocks in the water (boy stuff). 
The event kicked off at 10am with a hearty pancake and sausage breakfast complete with some MD maple syrup. 
We checked out their maple-sugaring demonstration, did some crafts, watched a movie, and then headed home via some back roads I wanted to check to see if they were paved the whole way (they were).  Thomas had a 1pm playdate and I really needed to get a ride in so we were on a bit of a schedule.
Back at the house, I changed and headed out on the bike knowing I wouldn't be doing The Rebel Yell, but would be able to check out some faint lines I had discovered on Google Earth (see above).


camps said...

Is Robbie Fulks playing at Brewers Alley?

I wish your Camp David zoomed in when clicky

pabiker said...

He played at the intimate kickoff party last Friday.

The map is clicky now.

I will send you a Google Earth file check you inbox.