Sunday, March 07, 2010

North to Apple Country

I left Frederick a little after 10am this morning with this group of neighbors (l to r): Dave C., Tim S., Salyer M., and Randy K.  I hopped on their ride so I would have some company for the first part of my ride.  They took me as far as the Sheetz in Thurmont (17.50 miles) where I loaded up on Red Bull and got something to eat.
My route was a loop North up into Adams County, PA do a tough climb and head back.  Through Emmitsburg, past Ski Liberty, up into apple county.  There is a heinous climb called Cold Spring Road that I have done with the Gettysburg crew, but we usually turn on Mt. Carmel about 1/2 way up.  Today I went straight up and over (another two climbs) into the Michaux State Forest.
Rode past the parking lot for the Terror of Teaberry race and then up to South Mountain, PA.  Down Old Forge Road and up another (steep) climb to Blue Ridge Summit.  From Blue Ridge I took 550 South until I could turn into Catoctin Mt. Park.  I wanted to take Park Central Road, the one that loops near Camp David, but it hadn't been plowed.  A couple of more climbs and I was back near the Frederick City Forest.
Had a short section of hard-packed dirt and as you can see there is still alot of snow up on top of the mountain:
Tower Road (above) dropped me onto Gambrill Park Road for the easy cruise back down to Gambrill State Park and then up and over Shookstown Road back into Frederick.
I thought it would be closer to 100 miles, but I did the whole loop as I had pictured it in my mind.  It just took a lot longer than I anticipated due to the climbing - 6 1/2 hours of fun riding and I burned 7000 calories!


brett said...

rock on, darius. very nice ride.

Anonymous said...

Darius--Nice ridin' with you yesterday. It's good to see someone like you taking this whole thing to another level. With a little more time on the bike this summer--we should be able to go further with you.
Until next time. Salyer

Nevada said...

I second Brett

pabiker said...

Salyer, don't be a stranger. The Friday rides are pretty much the same as what you guys did on Sunday - perhaps even a little shorter.

Regarding another level you should meet some of my crazy friends like Brett.

See you Friday at 4.